“Apparent simplicity, invisible complexity” could be the leitmotiv of the series entitled “Puzzles”. Piece by piece, Cécile Plaisance assembles the destiny of our contemporary icons. She draws our attention to the tangle of sentiments, emotions and experiences which make all of us what we are. Between shadow and light, these puzzles are nuanced, mosaic-style portraits which illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of a number of unusual personalities.

All achievements depend on a subtle ensemble of factors; what we win here, we lose there. The greatest successes are built on failures; more than anything else, happiness involves work and talent. Cécile Plaisance shows us the fragility – far from their monolithic portraits – of women and men about whom we think we know everything. Their lives don’t always correspond to official clichés.

Sartre’s prophecy is submerged under myriad screens; we are not quite what we appear to be! In that regard, the life dreamed of by the stars is not that different from our own, and only a few fragments of that life are revealed to us. Cécile Plaisance shows us the devil hidden in the detail, the joys informed by the expectations that precede them.

Our society prefers stock images. It offers us all the facile advantages, all the shamelessness, all the shortcuts. Cécile Plaisance’s meticulous work reminds us of the degree to which men and women are the fruit of a complex architecture. It’s a biological reality; everything we experience imprints itself on us. Forever.



STEVE & FAYE: 125x95cm or 49x37''
BARBIE: 95x125cm or 37x49''
SMOKING BB: 125x95cm or 49x37''
PAMELA: 95x125cm or 37x49''
ROMY: 95x125cm or 37x49''
MONICA: 95x125cm or 37x49''
AUDREY: 95x125cm or 37x49''
MICK: 95x125cm or 37x49''
ELVIS: 95x125cm or 37x49''
MARILYN: 95x95cm or 37x37''
BB (CLAUDIA): 95x125cm or 37x49''
Marilyn's Cigare: 125x95cm or 49x37''
MOHAMED: 95x95cm or 37x37''
BB SAUVAGEONNE: 95x125cm or 37x49''
ROMY & ALAIN: 95x95cm or 37x37''
MARILYN'S FACE: 95x95cm or 37x37''