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Sophisticated and clearly out of the line, the Barbie Serie « la Bella Vita » take us back to the 60’s. Photographed in the sea, the plastic dolls appear to be alive and posing. Details of their plastic features suddenly become tender flesh and their expressions become sensitive and ambiguous. In this oblivious and ever happy world, Barbies appear as universal icons of the necessary and permanent entertainment. Aren’t we young forever? But those Barbies don’t belong to childhood. They play definitively  with the innocence of her audience’s eyes

RIVA ON THE SEA / 140X65cm or 55x29,5''
SITTING ON A WINDSHIELD / 140x100cm or 55x39,5''
TWO BLONDES / 110x110cm or 43X43''
SURF ON A RIVA / 140x100cm or 55x39,5''
BUOY / 110x110cm or 43X43''
HELLO / 140x100cm or 55x39,5''
DREAMING / 110x110cm or 43X43''
JAMES BOND GIRL / 110x110cm or 43X43''
LET'S CRUISE / 100x140cm or 39,5X55''
POOL MATTRESS / 110x110cm or 43X43''
VIEW FROM THE SKY / 100x140cm or 39,5X55''
ROWING / 110x110cm or 43X43''
RIVA / 140x100cm or 55x39,5''
SELF TANNING / 110x110cm or 43X43''
WATER BED / 110x110cm or 43X43''
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